Thursday, April 8, 2021

Security Awareness Training Outage Sunday April 11, 2021

 SANS, the provider of our Security Awareness Training, has notified ESU of an upcoming planned maintenance outage. This maintenance will prevent any access to the training website and will shut down any training that is in-process when the outage begins.

The outage will be on Sunday, April 11th from 10am to 2pm Central Daylight Time.

You will need to be logged out of the training portal before the maintenance begins. Any user attempting to log in during that interval will see a maintenance notice instead of the login page.  If you are still in the training platform when the outage begins, you will be logged out and you may lose progress on the training you are currently taking. Once maintenance is complete, you should be able to log in normally.

If you have questions about this outage or about any other aspect of Security Awareness Training, please call the Help Desk at 620-341-5555 or reach out to IT security at

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Network Maintenance, Sunday April 11, 2021

Beginning at 5:00 AM on Sunday, April 11, 2021, IT will be performing network/generator repairs and maintenance.  During this maintenance, all network traffic, including the Internet, will be unavailable.  All services on and off campus, should be considered ‘offline’ for the duration of the maintenance.  These services include (but are not limited to) Outlook email, Banner, OnBase, Canvas, SharePoint, and Hornet 365.  Work is expected to be complete by 11:00 AM.  We thank you for your consideration and patience during this time.  Follow us on Twitter @ESUHelpDesk for updates during the maintenance.  Scheduled maintenance and/or outages may be viewed on our IT Service Status page on Hornet365.

Questions may be directed to the IT Help Desk at 341-5555.

Network Maintenance Thursday, April 8, 2021


IT will be performing network maintenance this Thursday morning, April 8.  Maintenance will begin at 5:00 am.  Expect brief periods of intermittent outages during the maintenance.  Work is expected to be complete by 7:00 AM.  Questions may be directed to the IT Help Desk at 341-5555.

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Network & Phone Issues, Thursday, April 1

ESU is currently experiencing network issues in various campus buildings.  These issues affect internet traffic, as well as ESU network connections such as drive mappings.  Additionally, our IP phone system is experiencing some issues as well.  IT Technicians are working with our vendors to resolve as quickly as possible.  Follow us on Twitter @ESUHelpDesk for updates and information.

Network Maintenance, Friday May 21, 2021

IT technicians will be performing necessary network maintenance Friday, May 21, 2021.  Beginning at 8:00 PM the network will experience inte...